2019 EX MARIETTA Angeli Syrah

EX MARIETTA is intended for the curious palate, one that seeks nuance, tension, and atypical balance. We’re capturing thrilling snapshots in the cellar, small lot wines that excite us as a winemakers and artists. The first in the new series is the 2019 EX MARIETTA Syrah from the Angeli Vineyard. Bright red, laser-focused on raspberry, tart, sexy, and rich, this wine is purity and elegance. Learn more below. 

Behind the Label

For a while now, we’ve been working on a series of small-lot wines that, at their very core, are meant to share experience and forge a connection. We’re calling the series EX MARIETTA, “ex” meaning from within or by the hand of. This curated set of bottlings is rare in its production and unique in expression. They are wines that evoke Marietta’s style yet are given a smaller stage, a tighter frame, and display the more intimate and playful facets of our vineyards and winemaking. EX MARIETTA is a chance to share moments of beauty in the cellar that may otherwise pass unrecognized.

At Marietta, we often get to experience such moments; luckily, they occur in a magical place, in the act of creating, and with like-minded people determined to work with Nature to make something exceptional. So much of what we do is transitory—these daily, fleeting experiences are what ultimately comprise our being—the personal, often ineffable instants that, when stitched together, define a season, a vintage, a life. 

With this in mind, we started consciously seeking out these moments throughout Marietta, exploring how they might be distilled and articulated. In the winemaking process, we often work with unique expressions, beautiful and true—the fleeting wines that exist in time between the wines that you already know. EX MARIETTA is our chance to capture these precious snapshots in the bottle. And given the very limited production of these wines, they are being offered exclusively to members of our wine club.

As winemakers we often unearth something unique, beautiful, and true in our creative process.
Discover an inner expression of Marietta, singular and, perhaps, a bit surprising.
Introducing EX MARIETTA
EX: 1. a prefix meaning 'out of," "from,", and hence "utterly," thoroghly
This is your invitation into the winemaker's process.
Make time to explore possibility.
Become a member and Experience Marietta like never before.
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2019 angeli syrah


Sourced from a single vineyard block comprised of shale and gravel soil. Handpicked, fermented at cooler-then-normal temps in stainless steel, and aged 20 months in neutral French oak barrels.


Alluring, inviting, seductive and sensual, this inky bright Angeli Vineyard Syrah offers aromas of rose petals, raspberry liqueur and steeped plums, layered over a hint of iron and gunmetal. In the mouth the wine is deceptively weightless, carrying amazing brightness and energy while transcribing the aromatics precisely to flavor with the complement of a provencal-like garrigue and subtle notes of cocoa. The wine feels layered in waves, each one adding complexity and gaining in intensity. Hold on tight to that glass.


The 2019 Harvest was the culmination of a stellar vintage and nearly ideal growing conditions resulting in bright, full-flavored fruit. Temperatures were slightly cooler than average, leading us to pick a week or so later than usual, but prior to late October fires. We’re grateful that our employees and properties stayed safe in 2019 and that our 2019 wines displays great depth, measured ripeness, and wonderful retained freshness.


Pair this wine with hangar steak and Pommes Frites,  grilled peaches and smoky ribs, Osso Buco, grilled portobello, or breaded eggplant.


This limited production wine is available exclusively to Marietta Wine Club Members, and is featured in the 2022 Spring Club along with the 2020 Román Zinfandel. Learn more about Membership through the link below.

Angeli Ranch Vineyard

The Angeli Ranch was sold to Chris Bilbro in 1990 by Viola Angeli, whose family originally settled the land in 1886. When Viola was ready to sell the property, she offered it to Chris, someone she grew to know and trust over the many years of fruit buying and friendly visits. Thirty-five acres of vineyards connect gravel swales from the Russian River to terraced knolls invisible from the valley floor. 

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