Nadi is a dry Riesling that hails from an amazing vineyard in the Cienega Valley appellation, inland of Monterey, California. These old, dry-farmed, head-pruned vines yield a small, concentrated crop. Planted in 1964, this block is the second oldest Riesling in California. 

There are many reasons why we love old vines. Over many years, old vines adapt to their site’s specific growing season climate and soils. In the absence of irrigation, dry-farmed vines are forced to reach deep into the bedrock to access water and, in return, pull the minerality and characteristics of the granite and limestone parent rock up into the fruit, adding structure to the wine. Having adapted so well to their surroundings, old vines offer a heightened purity of site expression.

Sitting at about 1000 feet in elevation, this vineyard experiences cold temperatures at night. The diurnal fluctuation, combined with the old vines’ adaptation to the climate, means that the fruit retains great acidity as it ripens, resulting in a naturally bright and refreshing palette that pairs exceptionally well with food.