Ex Marietta. Explore Possibility, Experience Marietta.

1. a prefix meaning “out of,” “from,” and hence “utterly,” “thoroughly”

EX MARIETTA is a series of exclusive wines that come from within Marietta—winemaker curated bottlings, rare in their production and unique in their expression. These are extracted, flavorful wines with great acidity, brightness, and a provocative balance of intensity and purity. We’re crafting wines within the realm of Marietta style while giving them a smaller stage, a tighter frame, and a chance to display the more intimate and playful facets of our vineyards and winemaking. 


As winemakers, we often unearth something unique, beautiful, and true in our creative process. These are the wines we find along the way. EX MARIETTA offers a glimpse into our winemaking inspirations and intentions. Consider these the “artist’s cut” of our wines, a chance for us to capture an inner expression of Marietta, singular and, perhaps, a bit surprising.

Make time to explore

EX MARIETTA is intended for the curious palate, one that seeks nuance, tension, and atypical balance. We are capturing thrilling snapshots in the cellar, small lot wines that excite us as winemakers and artists. 

Given the limited production and personal nature of these wines, they’re made to share exclusively with our members. And, with our members, we can maintain an evolving, ongoing dialogue, release after release. With these wines we invite you to experience uncommon beauty through an inside lens. Come share a space within our winemaking process–a place of exploration and artistic play, a pursuit for the rare and inspired. 

Learn about the premier bottling of this new series, the 2019 EX MARIETTA Syrah here